The American Alliance of Jews and Christians

Dear Friend,

Greetings to you as we rapidly approach the summer months of 2013.  It is our prayer that so far this has been a blessed, healthy and prosperous time for you and your loved ones.

I saw a recent editorial headline that read, “America is in desperate need of change.” My first reaction was to agree wholeheartedly with that statement.  But then, I had to regrettably retract my affirmation as I read further into the article.  Why?  Because the author’s vision for “change” included such destructive ideas as gender-neutral marriage, the abolishment of decency standards in the media, indifference to abortion, universal single-payer healthcare, and forced wage equality to name a few.  I could scarcely believe what I was reading.

Some insist that America must change by casting off the old and embracing the new.  But unfortunately, this brand of change is just a disguise for the continued erosion of a once God-fearing nation that has fallen into crisis. 

In recent years, America’s Judeo-Christian principles have been increasingly under assault by the media, our universities, as well as the government.  The self-evident truths of 1776 that the Founders based so solidly on Scripture have been marginalized by the notion that no such truths exist.   

The change that we urgently need is not movement away from,
but a return to our founding Judeo-Christian principles.

At this important time in our nation’s history, we must respond by retaking and resolutely defending the high ground of America’s founding principles.  

As a Rabbi, I have been given a unique perspective and calling to bridge the gap between Jews and Christians. Someone who is not a Christian must stand up to defend Christians against bigoted attacks and that someone is me- it has become my sacred calling. Someone must declare that only God and His blueprint for civilization can offer hope and only Christians and Jews working together can rescue that blueprint and save the world from spiraling into decades of darkness. 

The American Alliance of Jews and Christians (AAJC) grew from my deep conviction that despite theological differences, millions of Jews and Christians share a common vision of civilization and furthermore, definitely prefer civilization to its alternative—barbarism.  That is the essence of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians–keeping civilization attached to its Judeo-Christian spiritual roots to maintain it as a fresh, strong, and influential force.

That is why, over twenty years ago, we began this important work, which led to the formation of the AAJC.  Since that time we have directly impacted our world by promoting better understanding and cooperation between Christians and Jews. Our passion is to provide the ammunition for keeping the culture attached to its Judeo-Christian spiritual roots enabling it to continue as healthy and successful. 

But we cannot fight this battle alone.  We need people just like you to join with us.  Countless people have given of their time and financial support to help us make a positive difference in America and around the world. The AAJC is a not-for-profit organization.  It is the support from people like you that allows us to continue broadcasting Bible teachings from ancient Jewish wisdom worldwide via radio, TV, books, the Internet, newsletters, personal appearances, speaking engagements and much more.

We have been honored to work alongside many incredible Christian organizations that share a similar conviction of restoring Biblical principles into the American culture. Here is an encouraging message from one of our nation’s leaders in this crusade:

"Rabbi Lapin has so much insight into our culture’s spiritual condition, and I pray our fellow believers heed his chilling warning about the price we’ll pay if we ignore the increasing persecution of Christians. There is so much at stake and as Rabbi Lapin points out, Western Civilization as we know it simply will not survive the silencing of the Church."

 Dr. James C. Dobson
Founder and Chairman
Focus on the Family

Although the American Alliance of Jews and Christians has made tremendous progress and it continues to expand its calling, there is still much to be done.  We need your help more than ever. The threat of Muslim terror and political influence continues to rise. Not only in the United States, but also directly against Israel.

As a country, we are currently facing two very serious threats to our way of life.  Islamic fundamentalism threatens us from outside, while secular fundamentalism weakens us from within. Somehow, though not formally or organizationally, these two destructive forces have become linked.  At first glance, secularism might not seem to be such a catastrophic viewpoint, but in reality, it undermines our spiritual vision and erodes our faith, making us vulnerable to the aggression of Islamic fundamentalism.

The convergence of these two threats is what caused Major Nidal Hasan to murder thirteen of our military servicemen at Fort Hood in November 2009.  Then, to make matters worse, political correctness dictated that this horrible atrocity be labeled as "workplace violence” and now, while sitting in jail, he has been paid a salary of over a quarter million dollars. It is this growing stain of secular fundamentalism that has transformed our institutions of education that used to be the envy of the world, into strongholds of illiteracy and ignorance, dens of depravity, and subsidized havens for radicals who desire to destroy our way of life through acts of terror.

This destructive alliance can only be combated successfully by supporting an alternative alliance. A hugely constructive alliance—the American Alliance of Jews and Christians, is dedicated to restoring our sense of purpose and identity.

We provide intellectual ammunition for good men and women all over the world to deploy in the struggle to defend civilization and protect the culture we love. We do this through personal appearances, our weekly Thought Tools as well as the books, and the audio CDs and DVDs we make available. In addition to all that, we are also proud of our daily TV show on TCT Television Network and our radio show, now heard around the world.  This year, the AAJC continues to increase our reach through new publications, programs, speaking engagements in the US and Internationally. 

If these values are important to you and your family, I want to ask
you to join with us. We have a responsibility to our children to do
what we can to fight for a return to Judeo-Christian values.

I would never suggest how much you should or can give, that is an intensely personal decision. However, I will tell you that we have set a goal to reach 100,000 new families with this message by the end of 2013 and to do this, we need your financial support. We are grateful for those few of you who give in the tens of thousands of dollars. We are equally grateful to the many of you who give in the hundreds and tens. 

When you donate $100 or more during the month of June, we will send you our newly released Ancient Jewish Wisdom Television Show DVD Volume 2 as our gift to you. It's our special way of saying "Thank You" to those who will help us reach this goal.

Ancient Jewish Wisdom Volume 2 DVD

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You can make your tax-deductible gift of any amount through the above link on this page or by mailing in your gift to:

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You can also call 1-888-722-2441 or (888) RABBI-41 and tell the operator you wish to support the American Alliance of Jews and Christians with a financial gift. The offer code to receive this month's gift when you give $100 or more is AJW2-GIFT.

May God bless you and protect you and may we all be privileged to do our part in protecting the legacy He entrusted to humanity on Mount Sinai over three thousand years ago.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin
American Alliance of Jews and Christians